The MOG Canal Boat is powered by two direct current drive motors, coupled to outboard marine propulsion units for the port and starboard motors on the stern. Sunlight shines onto photovoltaic modules atop the yacht causing electric energy to be produced. For detailed information about the power and drive system of the MOG Canal Boat, Click Here.


MOG Canal Boat History

     After its conception in 1986 (launch 1990), the yacht was designed and tested in the mid-Atlantic ICW and featured in several publications prior to design upgrades. Click Here to read more about the future success of the MOG Canal Boat in consideration of its affordability, environmental friendliness, cost of operations, ease of maintenance and safety.


Ship’s Log

      The Ship’s Log is of two parts, the first being the original, unedited log for the purposes of historical account. The 40 foot running log, will be published in 2018. For detailed accounts of the MOG Canal boat’s sailings, the waters she sailed, the weather she encountered and the people and circumstances met along her way, Click Here.